четверг, 22 апреля 2021 г.

Ready to use force. Media on US actions in the conflict between Greece and Turkey

MOSCOW, August 20 / Radio Sputnik. USS Hershel Woody Williams, an expeditionary naval floating base of the US Navy, set up on the roadstead near the Greek island of Crete in order to prevent the escalation of a possible conflict within NATO - between Athens and Ankara.

In the same area,  according to  Argumenti.ru, in addition to the ships of the Greek and Turkish Navy, two French frigates also arrived to monitor the situation.
The publication reminds that the reason for a new exacerbation of relations between Greece and Turkey were offshore hydrocarbon deposits and the absence of a border in the water area.
According to the publication, the likelihood of hostilities in the southeastern part of Europe increases due to the fact that other states intervene in the confrontation: France is on the side of Athens, as well as Italy, which, according to the publication, secretly supports Ankara.
Earlier, Sputnik radio  reported how the United States was "settling" the conflict between Greece and Turkey.

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